Refereed Journal Articles and Books

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Book Reviews

Bouchard, P. and Bouchard, L. (2004). Ecology, culture and conservation of a protected area: Fathom Five National Marine Park, Canada. (Eds. Parker, S. and Munawar, M.) Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, 2001. Ecovision World Monograph series. Book review published in Biodiversity.

Non-Refereed Articles

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Technical Reports

Bouchard, P. 1998. Insect diversity in alvars of southern Ontario. Technical Report prepared for Federation of Ontario Naturalists. McGill University. 87pp.

Bouchard, P. 1997. Insect diversity in alvar habitats, Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Technical Report prepared for the Great Lakes Program: The Nature Conservancy and the Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre. McGill University. 48pp.


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