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Animal Protection Systematics Study

Study Leader
Dr. Gary Gibson
Biological Resources Program

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This web site is designed to provide taxonomic and related biological and ecological information about the insects, mites and ticks that affect human and animal health in Canada and North America. These pages represent the products of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada scientists and collaborators. Products will include illustrated keys to relevant taxa, bibliographies, databases, fact sheets, and other synthesized information necessary to recognize both pest and beneficial species and to control the pests using beneficial organisms.

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Much of this site is under construction and some pages are offered only as examples of what is planned for the full product. The site will be updated continually as the study progresses, so bookmark this page and return to our APSS web site. Please e-mail us if you find anything that does not work or looks 'weird' with your monitor and operating system. We also need your comments and suggestions if we are to improve the site and make it maximally informative.go to top

For more information or to provide feedback please Dr. Gary Gibson, Study Leader

These pages have been created using advanced formatting features, including tables and frames. If you wish to view the documents to their best advantage, please download a Browser with these capabilities, such as the two shown below.

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Created by G. Gibson, J.D. Read, and R.B. Fairchild.

updated June 18, 1998 by J.D. Read, BRP/ECORC

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Animal Protection Systematics
Objectives | Team | Ticks and Animal Health | Arthropods Associated with Livestock Dung | Index

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