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Animal Protection Systematic Study

Ticks and Animal Health

List of Taxa

Tick Taxa of Canada, Alphabetically by Family and Genus

Family/Genus Species Common Name
Amblyomma Koch    
  A. americanum (Linnaeus) lone star tick
  A. maculatum Koch gulf coast tick
Dermacentor Koch    
  D. albipictus (Packard) moose or winter tick
  D. andersoni Stiles Rocky Mountain wood tick
  D. variabilis (Say) American dog tick
Haemaphysalis Koch    
  H. chordeilis (Packard)  
  H. leporis-palustris (Packard) rabbit tick
Ixodes Latreille    
  I. (Ceratixodes) uriae White seabird tick
  I. (Ixodes) brunneus Koch  
  I. (Ixodes) dentatus Marx  
  I. (Ixodes) muris Bishopp and Smith  
  I. (Ixodes) pacificus Cooley and Kohls  
  I. (Ixodes) scapularis Say
(= I. dammini Spielman et al.)
blacklegged (deer) tick
  I. (Ixodes) spinipalpis Hadwen and Nutall  
  I. (Ixodiopsis) angustus Neumann coastal squirrel tick
  I. (Ixodiopsis) ochotonae Gregson pika tick
  I. (Ixodiopsis) soricis Gregson shrew tick
  I. (Multidentatus) auritulus Neumann  
  I. (Pholeoixodes) baergi Cooley and Kohls  go to top
  I. (Pholeoixodes) banksi Bishopp  
  I. (Pholeoixodes) cookei Packard  
  I. (Pholeoixodes) hearlei Gregson  
  I. (Pholeoixodes) kingi Bishopp  
  I. (Pholeoixodes) marmotae Cooley and Kohls  
  I. (Pholeoixodes) marxi Banks squirrel tick
  I. (Pholeoixodes) rugosus Bishopp  
  I. (Pholeoixodes) sculptus Neumann  
  I. (Pholeoixodes) texanus Banks  
  I. (Pholeoixodes) n.sp.  
  I. (Scaphixodes) howelli Cooley and Kohls  
  I. (Scaphixodes) signatus Birula  
Rhipicephalus Koch    go to top
  R. sanguineus (Latreille) brown dog tick
Argas Latreille    
  A. cooleyi Kohls and Hoogstraal  
  A. persicus (Oken) fowl tick
Carios Latreille   bat tick
  C. concanensis (Cooley and Kohls)  
  C. kelleyi (Cooley and Kohls)  
Ornithodoros (Pavlovskyella)
  O. (Pavlovskyella) hermsi
Wheeler, Herms, and Meyer
  O. (Pavlovskyella) parkeri Cooley  
Otobius Banks    
  O. lagophilus Cooley and Kohls  
  O. megnini (Dugès) spinose ear tick

Tick Taxa of Canada, Alphabetically by Species

Species Genus Author Family
albipictus Dermacentor (Packard) Ixodidae
americanum Amblyomma (Linnaeus) Ixodidae
andersoni Dermacentor Stiles Ixodidae
angustus Ixodes Neumann Ixodidae
auritulus Ixodes Neumann Ixodidae
baergi Ixodes Cooley & Kohls Ixodidae
banksi Ixodes Bishopp Ixodidae
brunneus Ixodes Koch Ixodidae
chordeilis Haemaphysalis (Packard) Ixodidae go to top
concanensis Carios (Cooley & Kohls) Argasidae
cookei Ixodes Packard Ixodidae
cooleyi Argas Kohls & Hoogstraal Argasidae
dentatus Ixodes Marx Ixodidae
hearlei Ixodes Gregson Ixodidae
hermsi Ornithodoros Wheeler, Herms & Meyer Argasidae
howelli Ixodes Cooley & Kohls Ixodidae
kelleyi Carios Cooley & Kohls Argasidae
kingi Ixodes Bishopp Ixodidae
lagophilus Otobius Cooley & Kohls Argasidae go to top
leporispalustris Haemaphysalis (Packard) Ixodidae
maculatum Amblyomma Koch Ixodidae
marmotae Ixodes Cooley & Kohls Ixodidae
marxi Ixodes Banks Ixodidae
megnini Otobius (Dugès) Argasidae
muris Ixodes Bishopp & Smith Ixodidae
n.sp. Ixodes   Ixodidae
ochotonae Ixodes Gregson Ixodidae
pacificus Ixodes Cooley & Kohls Ixodidae go to top
parkeri Ornithodoros Cooley Argasidae
persicus Argas (Oken) Argasidae
rugosus Ixodes Bishopp Ixodidae
sanguineus Rhipicephalus (Latreille) Ixodidae
scapularis Ixodes Say Ixodidae
sculptus Ixodes Neumann Ixodidae
signatus Ixodes Birula Ixodidae
soricis Ixodes Gregson Ixodidae
spinipalpis Ixodes Hadwen & Nuttall Ixodidae go to top
texanus Ixodes Banks Ixodidae
uriae Ixodes White Ixodidae
variabilis Dermacentor (Say) Ixodidae

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