Illustrations for Positional and Morphological Terms for Chalcid Wasps (Chalcidoidea)


After clicking on one of the major body regions or structures in the index of morphological terms you will link to a more detailed subdivision of structures in a second list below. An illustration is shown either as a [drawing] for a line drawing or as a [photo] for a scanning electron micrograph (SEM). Click on a highlighted [drawing] or [photo] to look at the illustration. Click on any blue term on an illustration to look at its definition, or click on your browser's 'Back' feature to return to the previously displayed document. Please note that you may have to look at several illustrations listed for a particular body region in order to determine whether or not a feature has a name and be aware that not all morphological terms defined in the glossary are illustrated.

Note: if you select an illustration from the second list below, then access a definition by clicking on one of the blue terms, and then link to another [drawing] or [photo] from a definition, a second copy of your Internet Explorer or Netscape browser will be opened. You will be able to link back and forth indefinitely between definitions and illustrations, but Netscape users will have to close the second copy in order to move 'Back' to the original list of illustrations, if desired. Internet Explorer users can go 'Back' but will eventually also have to close the second copy in order to exit their browser completely. If you are using Windows95 and two copies of your browser are opened you will see two buttons for Netscape or Internet Explorer on the bottom status bar. Click on the second button and click on the 'x' in the upper right-hand corner to close the second copy.

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Index of Positional and Morphological Terms

Positional Terms

Morphological Terms

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Links to Illustrations of Morphological Terms

BODY REGIONS     [drawing]
Parts     [drawing]
Sensory structures     [drawing/photo]
Ramus     [drawing]
Venation     [drawing]
Regions     [drawing]
Setal lines     [drawing]
Linea calva     [drawing][drawing]
Mymaridae - setae (chaeta)     [drawing]
Signiphoridae - marginal setae     [drawing]
Trichogrammatidae - setal lines     [drawing]
Subdivisions     [drawing]
Fore leg tibia/tarsus spurs and pegs     [photo]
Middle leg tibia/tarsus spurs and pegs     [photo]
Eupelmidae - mesocoxal articulation     [photo]

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  Labiomaxillary Complex
Labium     [drawing]
Maxilla     [drawing]
  Frontal Head - general structure
Major regions     [drawing]
Structures     [drawing]
Vision     [drawing]
Ocellar distances and malar structures     [drawing]
Clypeal margins     [drawing]
Carinae (frontolateral view)     [photo]
Various photographs     [photo][photo][photo]
Postgenal sulcus     [photo]
  Frontal Head - specialized family structure
Eulophidae - lines     [photo][photo]
Mymaridae - lines/regions     [photo]
Mymaridae - trabeculae/regions     [photo]
  Dorsal Head - specialized family structure
Mymaridae - regions/lines     [photo]
  Posterior Head - general structure
Structures     [drawing][drawing][photo][photo][photo][photo]
Labiomaxillary complex     [drawing][photo]
  Posterior Head - specialized family structure
Mymaridae - lines     [photo]

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  Major Regions
Dorsal     [drawing]
Lateral     [drawing]
  Ventral Mesosoma
Mesosoma     [photo] [photo]
Mesothorax     [photo] [photo]
Prepectus and sterna     [photo]
Frontolateral     [photo]
Dorsal     [drawing]
Lateral     [photo]
Mesoscutum/scutellum     [drawing]
Scutellum - Mymaridae     [photo]
Regions     [drawing]
Lines/Setae     [drawing]
Transscutal articulation and scutoscutellar suture     [drawing]
Mesonotal flexing mechanism and wing processes     [photo] [photo] [photo]
Axillary sclerites     [photo]
Various photographs     [photo - Pteromalidae][photo - Pteromalidae] [photo - Eulophidae][photo - Eulophidae]
Regions     [drawing][photo - Pteromalidae]
Regions/carinae     [drawing][drawing]
Various photographs     [photo - Pteromalidae][photo - Pteromalidae][photo - Eupelmidae][photo - Mymaridae]
  Lateral Thorax
Major sclerites/pleurae     [drawing][photo]
Mesopleural regions     [photo][drawing]
Mesopleural sulci     [drawing]
Mesepisternum and mesepimeron     [drawing]
Pronotum and axilla     [drawing]
Spiracles and coxae     [drawing]
Various regions/sulci     [photo][photo][photo][photo]
Acropleuron     [photo ]

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  Female Metasoma
Major regions     [drawing]
General sclerites     [drawing]
Encyrtidae - sclerites     [drawing]
General apical region     [drawing]
Extreme apex, various photographs     [photo - anal filament][photo - Eupelmidae, anal sclerite]
Epipygium     [drawing - Torymidae, epipygium]
  Female Genitalia
Lateral View     [drawing]
Cross-sectional View     [drawing] [drawing]
  Male Genitalia
Structure     [drawing][drawing]
Major regions, ventral view     [photo][photo]
Ventral processes     [photo]
Setae     [photo][photo]
Dorsal apex    [photo]

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